Report from the Northern Front (original)

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For the Cataclysm version, see A [25] Report from the Northern Front.
AllianceReport from the Northern Front

25 (Requires 21)


500 EXP (or 3s at level 70)



Deliver Sentinel Luciel's report to Sentinel Farsong at Silverwing Grove.


The battle against the Warsong Lumber Camp isn't being waged from Forest Song alone, <name>. There's a more substantial Silverwing Sentinel presence at Silverwing Grove to the southwest, near the border with the Barrens. From the grove, Sentinel Farsong directs our efforts against those who would destroy our lands.

I'm a bit late in sending my latest report to Sentinel Farsong, but also hesitant to leave Forest Song unattended. If your travels take you near Silverwing Grove, would you deliver my report?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


What's that you have there, <class>?


Thank you for delivering this report, <class>. From what Sentinel Luciel writes, it seems our worst fears have come to pass. With each advance we make, the Horde appears more determined to do as much damage as possible.

We can't afford to back down; the fate of our ancestral lands hangs in the balance. With more people like you on the frontlines, I'm certain we could triumph. Will you join our fight?

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