Residual Monstrosity

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MobResidual Monstrosity
Image of Residual Monstrosity
Race Mana Surge (Elemental)
Level 42 - 43 Elite
Health 10,984
Mana 5,524 - 5,728
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Prison of Immol'thar, Dire Maul

Residual Monstrosity are found circling the Prison of Immol'thar. If threatened they summon Mana Bursts.


  • Arcane Blast-Blasts an enemy with Arcane magic, inflicting normal damage plus 394 to 506 and knocking the enemy back.
  • Arcane Bolt-Hurls a magical bolt at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage.
  • Summon Mana Bursts-Summons 2 mana bursts.

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