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Resistance Aura

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Resistance Aura
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Usable by



None/Global Cooldown


40 yds

Related buff
Spell fire sealoffire.png
  • Resistance Aura
  • Increases Fire, Frost and Shadow resistance by X.

Resistance Aura is a paladin aura that provides Fire, Frost and Shadow resistance to the party or raid. Its effect scales with level, granting 195 to each of these resistances at level 85.


The resistance is calculated as follows:

  • If the player is level 70 is below, the resistance gained is equal to the player's level (level 65 = 65 resistance).
  • If the player is level 71-80, the resistance gained is calculated as level+(level-70)*5 (level 74 = 94 resistance).
  • If the player is above level 80, the resistance gained is calculate as level+(level-70)*5+(level-80)*7 (level 85 = 195 resistance).

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