Respect for the Fallen

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AllianceRespect for the Fallen
Start Sentinel Onaeya
End Sentinel Onaeya
Level 21 (Requires 19)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1650
Reputation 250 Darnassus
Rewards  [Delgren's Leggings],
 [Onaeya's Gloves], or
 [Feero's Pauldrons]
13s (or 10s 20c at max level)
Previous A [21] A Squad of Your Own


Retrieve Feero's Holy Hammer and The Purifier's Prayer Book.

Provided item:


There were two humans here: Feero Ironhand and Delgren the Purifier. They were members of a holy organization known as The Argent Dawn. Both fell defending the post when the Horde first attacked.

I'm going to loan you my magical cloak. It was a gift from Cenarius that allows me to move invisibly.

Find both of their corpses and retrieve Feero's hammer and Delgren's prayer book. Feero's corpse is in the courtyard and Delgren's is atop the tower.

Beware, the warlock up there will be able to see you.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants 05.png [Delgren's Leggings] Inv gauntlets 18.png [Onaeya's Gloves]
Inv shoulder 15.png [Feero's Pauldrons]

You will also receive: 13s (or 10s 20c at max level)


Our losses here have been staggering.


I do not look forward to writing the letter to the Argent Dawn embassy in Darnassus. At least we'll be able to send their most prized possessions back for their loved ones.

I cannot thank you enough for your courage, <name>. Please accept this on behalf of the post.



Equip the cloak (it will take the cloak slot), use it by right clicking, and dismiss your pet, if any. At the intended level of the quest, you cannot survive a direct confrontation with all the Horde soldiers, but the cloak will let you move in stealth past them.

Feero's hammer is at [26.3, 38.4] on the ground, while the prayer book is atop the tower behind the Horde forces, at [27.0, 40.8], by a warlock who can see through the cloak's invisibility.

Remember to equip your original cloak back after completing the quest, if you had one.


  1. A [21] A Squad of Your Own
  2. A [21] Respect for the Fallen

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