Retest Now (Horde daily)

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HordeRetest Now
Start Chief Engineer Copperclaw
End Chief Engineer Copperclaw
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Type Daily
Category Icecrown
Experience 22050
Rewards 7g 40s
Repeatable Yes
Previous H [80] Retest Now

Daily version of H [80] Retest Now


Chief Engineer Copperclaw aboard Orgrim's Hammer wants you to throw a  [Writhing Mass] into a cauldron at Aldur'thar.

  • Writhing Mass Banished

Provided Item:


Those twisted cultists are looking for souls to put in their crazy-juice? Then let's help 'em out a bit!

Take a swig of this - don't worry, I've diluted it plenty... I'm almost positive that its only effect will be to detect any cultist's essence.

Once you've collected a bunch of 'em, throw the writhing mass of twisted souls in one of their cauldrons.

Let's see how they like a taste of their own medicine!



That'll teach 'em!


You will receive: 7g 40s

The cauldrons will award a 2 hour buff depending upon into which one you throw the mass;

Light Blue : +100 attack power

Green : +75 stamina

Dark Blue (Purple): +60 spell power


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