Retinal Armor

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Retinal Armors are a variety of head-worn items created by engineers with a minimum skill of 600. Each class is offered training to create only a select variety of these, usually limited to a single type.


Item Armor type Class(es)
 [Lightweight Retinal Armor] cloth Mage, Priest, Warlock
 [Agile Retinal Armor] leather Rogue, Feral Druid
 [Camouflage Retinal Armor] leather Resto or Balance Druid
 [Deadly Retinal Armor] mail Hunter, Enhancement Shaman
 [Energized Retinal Armor] mail Resto or Elemental Shaman
 [Reinforced Retinal Armor] plate Death knight, Warrior, non-holy Paladin
 [Specialized Retinal Armor] plate Holy Paladin

All versions of Retinal Armors have two Cogwheel sockets, allowing two Cogwheel gems (and only cogwheel gems) to be installed. Note that all Cogwheel gems are unique-equipped, meaning that only one of that type of gem may operate at a time.

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