Return to Aviana

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NeutralReturn to Aviana
Start Farden Talonshrike [37.4, 56.5]
End Aviana [44.3, 48.0]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 2750
Reputation +10 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards  [Blinkered Hood] or  [Sky-Knight Handguards] or  [Silver Spur Boots]
Previous N [81] Egg Wave
Next N [81] The Last Living Lorekeeper


Return to Aviana at the Shrine of Aviana in Mount Hyjal.


<Name>, you've done all you can here. This whole cavern is about to collapse in on itself.

I'll gather up the last of our feathered steeds and ensure that the flamegate is sealed behind me.

You should go on ahead and let Aviana know that this abominable hatchery is no more!


You will be to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet robe dungeonrobe c 03.png [Blinkered Hood] Inv gauntlets mail dungeonmail c 03.png [Sky-Knight Handguards]
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 03.png [Silver Spur Boots]

You will receive: 78s


<Aviana's face is immobile as you tell her about what happened within the hatchery.>

They stole my eggs, <class>. The took them to that foul place. Corrupted them.

My children stolen, tormented, killed in a vat of flame... Yes, we will make Twilight's Hammer pay.

But I confess, part of me wants to fly up and simply watch this whole... world... burn.


On accept:

Don't forget to replace your main weapon!

Head back to the surface and resume the N [81] The Last Living Lorekeeper chain.


  1. N [81] Wings Over Mount Hyjal or N [81] Aviana's Legacy
    • Aviana
    1. N [81] An Offering for Aviana
    2. N [81] A Plea From Beyond
    3. N [81] A Prayer and a Wing
    • Harpies
    1. N [81] The Wormwing Problem / N [81] Scrambling for Eggs
    2. N [81] A Bird in Hand
  2. N [81] Fact-Finding Mission
  3. N [81] Sethria's Demise
  4. N [81] Return to the Shrine
  5. N [81] An Ancient Reborn
  6. N [81] The Hatchery Must Burn
  7. N [81] Flight in the Firelands
  8. N [81] Wave One
  9. N [81] Wave Two
  10. N [81] Egg Wave
      1. N [81 Daily] Vigilance on Wings
  11. N [81] Return to Aviana

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