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Return to Dust

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HordeReturn to Dust

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




23g 40s



Defeat 20 Enraged Sethrak with the Skycaller Gem.

  • Enraged Sethrak slain (20)
  • Skycaller gem overloaded
  •  [Skycaller Gem] (provided)


It appears the sethrak are quite serious about keeping this gem. I do wonder where they found it in the first place.

Hrm... perhaps Lady Sylvanas would be interested in this as well. Something to ponder.

Ingrid believes this gem can unleash lightning and shadow magic of, her words not mine, epic proportions.

I do believe it would be best for everyone if you tested it out on the small sethrak army currently looking for us.


You will receive:




Good work. The sethrak will be back, but we've proven our point, which is don't cross the Horde.

With that business over with, my squad will be off. Hopefully the next time we meet will be under... nicer circumstances.


On accept
Clayton Backston says: Boss, how did you survive? I saw you get cut in half.
Anna Bizrim says: Ugh, Clayton, we're undead, of course we can survive getting cut in half.
Timothy Zarltin says: Sometimes.
Chadwick Paxton says: It'ss no the first time I've been cut in half. Hopefully, it'll be the last.
Anna Bizrim says: When WAS the first you were cut in half?
Clayton Backston says: ...That information is classified.
On return
Ingrid Bellix says: Ahaha, that was amazing! And you're still alive!
Chadwick Paxton says: That's a relief, but I believe it was tad over the top for my tastes.
Clayton Backston says: Does it seem like overkill to anyone else that we annihilated several scores of sethrak over killing a few of us?
Anna Bizrim says: No.
Timothy Zarltin says: Nope.
Ingrid Bellix says: Not in the slightest.
Clayton Backston says: ...Right. Just me, then.
On completion
Chadwick Paxton says: All right, move out! We have more o this place to scout, and we can't get ourselves ambushed again.
Anna Bizrim says: I don't think that's our fault, boss, given that we were attacked by a group that wasn't supposed to be here.
Clayton Backston says: We should've seen the attack coming. Who was supposed to be the lookout?
Timothy Zarltin says: It was Tucker. The sethrak killed him first.
Clayton Backston says: Tucker! Should have known. At least he paid the price for his incompetence.
Chadwick Paxton says: Keep it down! Lady Sylvanas won't be happy if we fail our mission.
Ingrid Bellix says: Is she ever happy, boss?
Chadwick Paxton says: She will be if we do our jobs properly, Ingrid.


  1. H [110 - 120] Surprise Backup
  2. H [110 - 120] Getting a Leg Up
  3. H [110 - 120] Reuniting the Company, H [110 - 120] Show of Force & H [110 - 120] No Mercy for Sithis
  4. H [110 - 120] Didn't Stop to Think if They Should
  5. H [110 - 120] Return to Dust

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