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Return to Karazhan: High Stress Hiatus

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NeutralReturn to Karazhan: High Stress Hiatus

110 (Requires 110)





Help Darius soothe the old casts egos by finding a Positive Review amongst the audience members to simmer tensions between Romulo and Julianne, stealing a Bouquet of Roses from one of the new acts for Tinhead's vanity and finding where the understudy stashed Little Red's cape in the Chess room.


The new plays in the opera house have been well received by everyone... except cast members of the older shows. Egos are bruised and tensions are running high!

Romulo and Julianne are ready to poison each other.

Tinhead is rusting with tears over his lack of adoration.

Little Red's cape was stolen by a disgruntled understudy, who ran off to play chess of all things.

Actors, am I right? We need them ready to perform in case the audience demands a revival. Please, help me calm their nerves!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv 70 raid ring2a.png [Violet Seal of the Archmage]

You will also receive: 77g 60s


How did it go?


I can't believe you found what we needed!

Uh, not that I doubt you, it's just... well, this is the first time one of my projects has actually worked out.

Anyway, I think delivering these items to the actors will ease tensions for a while.

This is a momentous day!


  1. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: Book Wyrms
  2. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: Rebooting the Cleaner
  3. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: New Shoes
  4. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: High Stress Hiatus
  5. N [110D] Return to Karazhan: Clearing Out the Cobwebs
  6. N [110D] No Bones About It

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