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Return to Khadgar

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NeutralReturn to Khadgar

70 (Requires 69)




N [70] The Violet Eye

Return to Khadgar is part of a quest chain that was previously related to Karazhan attunement. While currently Karazhan can be entered freely, in the past this quest was required as it granted the  [The Master's Key], which indeed no longer exists in-game.


Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City and show him the Master's Key.


I seem to have memories about future events surrounding you and this key.

<Medivh looks at you like he's just seen a ghost.>

You have trying times ahead of you, <name>. Let us hope your strength does not fail you.

Regarding the key, I am to hand it to Khadgar when he's sent to me. I couldn't hope for a better apprentice.

I suppose you will need a key of your own.

<Medivh reaches into his robe and hands you his own key.>

Go on then. And best of luck, <class>.


His own key? That's incredible!

I do not sense any disturbances in our timeline, so I suppose it was meant to occur all along. There's no turning back now, <name>. The key is yours and only yours.



  1. N [70] Archmage Alturus
  2. N [70] The Contact from Dalaran
  3. N [70] Khadgar
  4. N [70D] Entry Into Karazhan
  5. N [70D] The Second and Third Fragments
  6. N [70D] The Master's Touch
  7. N [70] Return to Khadgar
  8. N [70] The Violet Eye
  9. N [70R] Assessing the Situation
  10. N [70R] Keanna's Log
  11. N [70R] A Demonic Presence
  12. N [70R] The New Directive

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