Return to Nordrassil

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NeutralReturn to Nordrassil

81 (Requires 80)




7g 80s



Speak to Ysera at Nordrassil in Hyjal.


I will take Fandral to Moonglade swiftly. I hope to return soon so I may continue to aid in the battle.

In the meantime, report back to Ysera and inform her of these recent developments.


You will receive: 7g 80s


Alysra's decision might not have been the wisest, <name>. Yet there is little time to worry about that now.

I bring important discoveries from the Emerald Dream.


On complete:

Ysera says: I fear for Alysra's fate. Fandral's corruption ran deeper than anything I encountered in the nightmare. Yet we can't afford to dwell on this.
Ysera says: During my stay in the dream I made a vital discovery. The rift that weakens the boundaries of this world has hastened the return of powerful allies.
Images of the ancients appear surrounding Ysera.
Ysera says: The Ancient Guardians are coming back. Cenarius, Aviana, Goldrinn... I can feel their presence. We must make sure we're the ones to usher them into this world. Their timely aid will be indispensable.
The images disappear.

Also, new gossip options appear:

Gossip Tell me about the Shrine of Goldrinn.

Goldrinn is the wolf ancient, known as "Lo'Gosh" in the Horde tongue. His tenacity is legendary.
A shrine dedicated to him is west of here, but its keepers have fallen silent in the wake of the attack. I fear the worst.
Before we can move on, you must save the shrine, discover the whereabouts of the wolf ancient, and beat back his foes.

Gossip What is happening at the Grove of Aessina?

Aessina is the spirit of nature, my everlasting companion in both this world and the dream beyond. Her shrine far to the west of here is at the forefront of the Twilight offensive, and may be ablaze this very moment.
<Name>, we will never restore Mount Hyjal without Aessina's help. Save her shrine from the fires, and save the nearby animals threatened by the blaze. We must do this or the entire mountain is lost.

Gossip How can I help at the Shrine of Aviana?

Aviana is the lost guardian of the skies, a bird goddess who perished fighting the demon hordes ten thousand years ago. A shrine is dedicated to her memory just southwest of here, within the boughs of a great tree.
The Druids of the Talon are based within the shrine, and we will need their support. You must aid them. And aid Aviana, should she find her way back into this world...

Gossip Is there something I can do at the Sanctuary of Malorne?

I have dispatched Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem to the burned out husk of the Shrine of Malorne. He is behind the front lines, on scorched terrain known as the Flamewake. He is looking into how we can undo the damage, and investigating the whereabouts of the turtle ancient Tortolla.
But before you can help him, you must first ensure that the Shrine of Aessina to the west is secure and the animals are saved from the flames. Otherwise all is lost! Concentrate on matters at the Grove of Aessina first, and they will send you to the Arch Druid in good time.


  1. A [80] Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal! / H [80] Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal!
  2. N [81] As Hyjal Burns
    • Side chain under Nordrassil:
    1. N [81] Inciting the Elements & N [81] The Earth Rises
    2. N [81] Flames from Above
  3. N [81] Protect the World Tree
  4. N [81] War on the Twilight's Hammer & N [81] The Flameseer's Staff
  5. N [81] Flamebreaker
  6. N [81] The Return of Baron Geddon
  7. N [81] Emerald Allies
  8. N [81] The Captured Scout
  9. N [81] Twilight Captivity
  10. N [81] Return to Alysra
  11. N [81] A Prisoner of Interest
  12. N [81] Through the Dream
  13. N [81] Return to Nordrassil

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