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Return to the Harbor

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HordeReturn to the Harbor
Start Thomas Zelling
End Nathanos Blightcaller
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 1,800
Reputation +150 The Honorbound
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [120] Gaining the Upper Hand
Next H [120] Life Held Hostage


Return to Nathanos Blightcaller in Plunder Harbor.


With the scepter in hand, let us return to the portal.

I believe Stone would agree with me when I say that it is best for us to get away from Kul Tiras for a while.


You will receive:


it seems your mission was a success. Good.


On accept
Thomas Zelling says: Let's get back to the portal.

Back in Plunder Harbor, Proudmoore Marines have landed and fight against the Horde and pirates.

Thomas Zelling says: We have successfully retrieved the Abyssal Scepter, Nathanos.
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Ah, good. Not only will this be a boon for the Zandalari armada... but also a detriment to that of the Kul Tirans.
Captain Amalia Stone says: Lady Proudmoore's forces are relentless, Nathanos. We should get out of here as soon as possible.
Lilian Voss says: I fear it is slightly too late for that, Amalia. We have a new visitor.


  1. H [120] Operation: Hook and Line
  2. H [120] When a Plan Comes Together
  3. H [120] Old Colleagues & H [120] The Bulk of the Guard
  4. H [120] A Well Placed Portal
  5. H [120] Relics of Ritual, H [120] Forfeit Souls, H [120] Tidesage Teachings
  6. H [120] Gaining the Upper Hand
  7. H [120] Return to the Harbor
  8. H [120] Life Held Hostage
  9. H [120] The Aid of the Tides
  10. H [120] Champion: Lilian Voss & H [120] A Cycle of Hatred

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