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Reuniting the Company

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HordeReuniting the Company

110 - 120 (Requires 110)




H [110 - 120] Getting a Leg Up



Rescue the remnants of Chadwick Paxton's squad.


Right, then. First order of business, rescue the remnants of my company.

These sethrak kept yelling about expanding their empire and conquering Azeroth as they attacked us. Lovely, really.

They killed most of my company and took some hostages. I assume they're being told how grand the sethrak empire is.

I'd like the remnants of my company back, if you please. I'll be put in a good word with Lady Sylvanas, once this is all over.

...not that someone like you needs it.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv glove leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Ritual Flayer's Handguards] Inv glove plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Nazmani Warplate Handguards]
Inv glove cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Loa Speaker's Grips] Inv glove mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Death-Pledged Grips]
Inv bracer cloth zandalarquest b 01.png [Loa Speaker's Wristwraps] Inv bracer mail zandalarquest b 01.png [Death-Pledged Wristguards]
Inv bracer plate zandalarquest b 01.png [Nazmani Warplate Bracelets] Inv bracer leather zandalarquest b 01.png [Ritual Flayer's Wristwraps]

You will also receive:




Fine work! It's good to be reunited, both with my body and with my squad.


On accept:

  • Chadwick Paxton says: I'll move up ahead to higher ground. Let the squad know to rendezvous on my location.
  • Chadwick Paxton says: Hmph... desert in a swamp... what are the sethrak up to?

Rescuing Clayton Backston:

  • Clayton Backston says: There is no way that <name> is actually here attempting to save me.
  • Clayton Backston says: Thanks for the rescue, these sethrak are looking for some sort of shadow magic in Nazmir. Who knows why?


  1. H [110 - 120] Surprise Backup
  2. H [110 - 120] Getting a Leg Up
  3. H [110 - 120] Reuniting the Company, H [110 - 120] Show of Force & H [110 - 120] No Mercy for Sithis
  4. H [110 - 120] Didn't Stop to Think if They Should
  5. H [110 - 120] Return to Dust

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