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Level: 50 - 60
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PvP status

Revendreth is one of the realms of the Shadowlands, ruled by the Venthyr Covenant. It is a land of gothic spires and dark secrets, and no soul wishes to end up here. Souls sent here by the Arbiter tend to be prideful or have some other flaw preventing them from serving in one of the other realms, and they come here to atone for their sins and hopefully be redeemed. It is the duty of the vampiric venthyr to prepare the souls—through unimaginable torment.[1][2] Although the realm is mostly shrouded in darkness, there are parts of Revendreth where light has broken through the clouds and seared the earth. Many of the souls in Revendreth are vulnerable to the light and have been chained up in these areas.[1]


A realm of looming keeps and gothic villages, Revendreth is home to the venthyr, the harvesters of sin. The wretched souls who arrive here may find penance for their misdeeds... or merely indulge the appetites of their keepers.[3]

The major vista of the region is its gigantic castle, sprawling over a misty forest. The castle's entry ward itself is suffering disrepair, as are the buildings and structures across the grounds, as the region is deprived of new souls and their precious anima. Sin stones, gravestones with the soul's crimes listed upon it, litter each pathway. Souls sent here can etch these sins off their stones over time as they are prepared for the afterlife by the venthyr. The fog-filled forest is where the venthyr schedule hunts on tortured souls, sending them out with a false sense of hope and security, then track them down and "humble" them.[4]

Another notable zone is the Ember Ward because there the light has actually broken through and is extremely harmful to Revendreth's residents.[4]


Maps and subregions

Map of Revendreth.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Castle Nathria 60 10 - 30


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