Revith One-Ear

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Revith One-Ear is a Dark Iron dwarf rogue and mage. He is a particularly sadistic Dark Iron. Revith was next in line to become chieftain, after the death of the former chieftain Bakthet, before M’Nath Pikesplitter (Rumholt Thunderaxe) showed up. Revith did not particularly want to be chieftain, so he harbored no resentment toward the new arrival. In fact, M’Nath slew several troggs before they ransacked Revith’s personal treasury, so the Dark Iron respected the new chief. Since the trogg attack, Revith carries all his personal belongings with him. Revith is cruel, cunning and selfish. He savors bloodshed so long as it does not put him in danger. He is particularly fond of his rings of ghostly duels and has contacts that allow him to acquire more such rings cheaply. Revith is ugly, with thick scars crossing his face and a tangled, patchwork beard. Revith lost an ear to his clan's dire lion during the animal’s capture and hated the lion. He has a lizard familiar named Sneak. He was once attacked by a group of adventurers in his chambers, and forced to defend himself. After sustaining injuries he attempted to flee. Its unclear if he survived or not, but rumors persist that he may have survived and continues to plague the heroes in revenge.[1]


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