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Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire quest chain

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For the pre-cataclysm version of this chain, see Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire quest chain (old).
NeutralRewriting the Battle of Darrowshire
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... Wherein the hero discovers the various fates of the Redpath family, and with the assistance of Chromie of the bronze dragonflight, attempts to rewrite a short portion of history.

Note: This is one of a very few quest chains in the original "Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor" content that were retained essentially unchanged when the Cataclysm quest revisions were put in place.

Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire

Prelude: What happened to Pamela?

N [41] Little Pamela

Carlin Redpath at Crown Guard Tower in Eastern Plaguelands asks you to search for signs of his niece Pamela in the ruins of Darrowshire.

Uncovering the past

N [41] Pamela's Doll

You find that Pamela is now just a ghost. The building she was hidden in was burned, much like the the rest of Darrowshire when it fell to Horgus the Ravager and Marduk the Black.

Now, she simply wants you to find her dolly for her.

You go looking through the ruins. Several times you are assaulted by ghosts of the past, but eventually you find enough pieces of the doll that you are able to put it back together for the lost little girl.

N [41] I'm Not Supposed to Tell You This

Pamela tells you about the two swords that her daddy kept: one for fighting men, and one for fighting animals. Some time he came back without his animal sword. Pamela asks you to find it, so when her daddy comes home he will be pleased.

You find the sword in the (ghostly) body of a wolf. Defeating the wolf, you return with the sword.

N [41] Uncle Carlin

Once she has the sword, though, she thinks better of playing with it and asks you to take it to her uncle Carlin.

N [41] A Strange Historian

Carlin takes the news of Pamela's death hard when presented with the sword. Still, he thinks that this 'strange gnome' (Chromie) who arrived a short while ago might be able to help change Joseph's fate.

Relics of the past

Chromie sets three tasks before you.

These quests can be completed in any order.
N [41] Villians of Darrowshire

The (extended) annals tell of the how Horgus the Ravager was destroyed in the foothills north of Crown Guard Tower, and how his skull remains there. The fabled sword of Marduk the Black was looted then abandoned near the road, southeast of the tower. Chromie asks you to bring them.

You travel to the foothills, and find a battle going on, a remembrance of the Battle of Darrowshire being reenacted by ghosts. Nearby, you locate the  [Skull of Horgus]. Taking it, you note that the ghosts disperse.

Next, you follow the road and come across the sword. And again, the ghosts disperse as you retrieve the item.

Chromie is glad to have the relics, telling you that they retain memories of the Scourge forces at Darrowshire.

N [41] Heroes of Darrowshire

In addition to those relics of the Villains, Carlin also asked you to retrieve relics from the heroes. In particular, the  [Extended Annals of Darrowshire], the Libram of Davil Lightfire, and the shield of Joseph Redpath.

Carlin holds the annals, which describe how the Scarlet Crusade took Davil's libram to Hearthglen. The shield was apparently broken near Gahrron's Withering and left there. Between then and now, though, the residents of Marris Stead managed to obtain both the libram and the shield.

The Marris Stead, when you arrive, has some ghostly hounds that bother you as you find the libram and shield, but they are easily dispatched.

N [41] Marauders of Darrowshire

Chromie sends you after the skulls of 5 of the scourge who participated in the battle. To properly identify them, Chromie gives you a crystal that will identify the proper skulls.

The fact that you have to demolish Scourge Champions to get the skulls is merely a bonus. It takes a while, but eventually you do find enough skulls for Chromie.

Reliving the past

N [41] The Battle of Darrowshire

Chromie puts a spell upon the relics, and gives you instructions. It seems that you will take part in the Battle of Darrowshire! You are to place the relic bundle in the center of Darrowshire, whereupon the spirits of Darrowshire will rise again and relive the battle.

Your instructions are:

Redpath became corrupted, therefore he had to become corrupted, you could not prevent that. But you could, and do, limit the damage he causes, and even save Darrowshire in the process. For now, or at least for certain values of "now".

You return to the ghost of Pamela, who tells you she heard the fighting end. As you talk with her, the ghost of Joseph Redpath comes to take her in his arms.

N [41] Hidden Treasures

You talk with the ghost of Pamela Redpath again. She tells you her daddy gaver her a key to give to you, that opens a chest behind the house.

You open the chest, and find some powerful magical items, mementos of the recent events.



  1. N [41] Little Pamela
  2. Both of the following, in either order:
  3. N [41] Uncle Carlin
  4. N [41] A Strange Historian
  5. All of the following, in any order:
  6. N [41] The Battle of Darrowshire
  7. N [41] Hidden Treasures