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Image of Rezan
Title Loa of Kings,
King of Kings[1]
Gender Male
Race Loa (Beast)
Level 112 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sacrifical Pits, Atal'Dazar
Status Active
Relative(s) Xibala (mother)[2]
Child of Rezan (offspring)

Priestess Alun'za



Rezan is a devilsaur loa revered by the Zandalari Empire, acting as the loa to Zandalari kings. Killed by Zul's followers, his corpse was raised into undeath and is a boss in Atal'Dazar, at the Sacrifical Pits.

He is referred to as a god of the hunt.[3]


Dungeon Journal

Rezan, once a loa to the Zuldazar kings, had his soul torn from his body during a ritual. Now, only a twisted husk remains, bent on devouring anyone who enters his hunting grounds.



You speak to the loa of kings, god of the hunt.

What do you want, small one?

Notes & trivia

  • Rezan blessed the  [Gilded Ravasaur] mount.[4]
  • The prelates serve Rezan, and they are the highest order of holy warriors to serve any loa. Their path is the elite, taking only those gifted from birth with prowess in battle and gifted by the loa, and crafting champions of light to defend their empire. After Rezan's death, the prelates are cut off from his power except for a handful of his followers.[5]
  • Princess Talanji is a priestess of Rezan.[6]

Patch changes


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