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Image of Rhunok
Title God of Arctic Bears[1][2]
Bear of the North[3]
Race Loa (Uncategorized)
Level 77 Boss
Health 34,137
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Altar of Rhunok, Zul'Drak
Status Active

Rhunok is the Drakkari loa of arctic bears. His spirit ensures the death of his physical manifestation, to prevent the Drakkari from stealing his power.

When his prophet first tried to absorb the loa's power, he absorbed too much and subsequently killed himself. However, the priests of Rhunok quickly resurrected the prophet and not before long, was the prophet back to claiming the power of the loa.[4] However, Rhunok someday will return and his spirit will live forever.[5]



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Notes & trivia

  • The eponym of something deriving from Rhunok is "Rhunokian".[6]
  • The blood, also known as mojo, of the loa has a golden glow and radiates power.[2]

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