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Riddle of the Hivemind

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The Hivemind

The Riddle of the Hivemind is a puzzle to obtain  [The Hivemind].


Step by step

This set of instructions just contains the highlights of what needs to be done but doesn't explain the puzzle or the solution.

  1. The riddle starts by buying the  [Talisman of True Treasure Tracking] from Griftah in the market of the Lower City in Shattrath City.
  2. Four objects on the table behind will light up in various colors once the talisman is equipped: Red Fish - Green Feather - Yellow Pyramid - Blue Letter from Ms. Graham
  3. The colors allude to four pairs of monocles:  [Blue Crystal Monocle],  [Green Crystal Monocle],  [Red Crystal Monocle] & the  [Yellow Crystal Monocle].
  4. The Red Crystal Monocle, represented by a fish, is sold by Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the Shimmering Expanse in Vashj'ir. But the murloc does not take cash. To barter with him, local goods are needed.
  5. The Yellow Crystal Monocle, represented by a pyramid, is looted from the Star-touched Chest found in the Halls of Origination.
  6. The Green Crystal Monocle, represented by a feather, is looted from the Sun-Worn Chest in Skyreach.
  7. The Blue Crystal Monocle is obtained by following the trail of letters from Ms. Graham, leading finally to the Gift from Ms. Graham.
  8. With all the monocles collected, it's time to head to Suramar [41, 69].
  9. Upstairs in the house at this location,is a door barred by four beams of light. The lights of the beams fit with the collected monocles. To pass, the lights must be deactivated. Now it is time to team up with four like-minded individuals.
  10. Four withered in Suramar hold the key to entering the room: Rikei, Blom'an, Giluzui, Yorilan. Bringing all four to low health at the same time, will casue them to cast a spell lowering their respective beam for a very brief time. If all four are brought down at the same time, the fifth adventurer may loot the Lost Cat Toy.
  11. Interacting with the toy, will teleport the adventurer outside and give them a random 5-digit amount of damage. This number will act as a code, unique for the team, for the next step.
  12. Petting the cats in Court of Stars they will summon an Ominous Orb. Click the orb to progress.
  13. The orb teleports your crew to the upper part of a tower where a wide gap must be traversed by jumping on a series of Phaseshifting Platforms.
  14. Crossing the gap, on the other side of a large door, is a bridge filled with what could be described as "Arcane Lava". Above flies a Lightlock.

The Red Crystal Monocle

With the talisman equipped, many creatures of the deep are now willing to trade their local goods with you. These goods will not last forever, and as such, planning is needed to make the deal with the eloquent murloc in time. Rare goods last an hour, whereas uncommon goods perish after only 30 minutes and common goods will go bad after just five minutes. The creatures are found in the locations listed below.

Kelp'thar Forest:

Shimmering Expanse:

Abyssal Depths:

The Yellow Crystal Monocle

Go to the elevator found in the Halls of Origination and activate the Stellar Refraction Device and solve the puzzle by the use of the Angular Stellar Refractors, Jagged Stellar Refractors and the Round Stellar Refractors.

An AddOn, such as the Hivemind HoO Puzzle Helper may be useful to solve this puzzle.

The Green Crystal Monocle

Go to Skyreach and defeat High Sage Viryx. Behind her is a set of "Basic" Instructions. These cryptic writings will provide hints on how to operate the nearby device successfully. The Small Glowing Orb starts the puzzle and resets the position of the Eye. The Glowing Orbs server as directional keys.

The Blue Crystal Monocle

To obtain the Blue Crystal monocle, a letter trail must be followed. To keep track of the letters, this command may come in handy:

/run local a,b=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted,{40397,40314,40404,40252,40293,40288,50187,50181} for i=1,#b do print((i==8 and "Gift: " or "Letter #"..i..": ")..tostring(a(b[i]))) end
  1. The first letter is located right behind Griftah in Shattrath City.
  2. The second letter is located in Highmountain.
  3. The third letter is located in Karazhan.
  4. The fourth letter is located in Razorfen Downs.
  5. The fitfh letter is located in Mount Hyjal.
  6. The sixth letter is located in Icecrown.
  7. The seventh letter is located in Townlong Steppes.
  8. Finally, the Gift from Ms. Graham is located at the Nexus in the Coldarra in the Borean Tundra.


  • Someone else can solve the constellation puzzle then invite another player who must also be wearing the talisman and they can loot the chest too.


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