Riddle of the Mind-Seekers

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The Riddle of the Mind-Seekers is a puzzle to obtain the  [Riddler's Mind-Worm] mount. The puzzle consists of riddles where you'll have to hunt down pages across Azeroth in a certain order, and the clues to find each page are inspired by World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1.[1] The initial page numbers even spell out the ISBN of the book: 9781616558451.

Use this script to track your progress:

 /run local a={45470,47207,47208,47209,47210,47211,47212,47213}for i,q in ipairs(a)do print(format("Page %s: %s",i, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and "\124cFF00FF00Done\124r" or "\124cFFFF0000Not Done\124r")) end

You have to click the pages in order else you can't see the next one.


  1. "Page 9"
  2. "Page 78"
  3. "Page 161"
    • Clue: ...first of lords to fall...
    • Location: Found in the Firelands on the left rear of the Ragnaros platform at [48, 15] roughly 10 o'clock next to a brazier. Don't forget about the portal to Hyjal in your capital.
    • Explanation: As referenced in Chronicle, Ragnaros was the first elemental lord to fall to the Titans. It just so happened that he was also the first to fall to players in Molten Core.
  4. "Page 655"
  5. "Page 845"
  6. "Page 1127"
  7. "Page 2351"
  8. "Page 5555"
  9. Gift of the Mind-Seekers

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