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Ride of the Zandalari

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HordeRide of the Zandalari

120 (Requires 120)




11g 70s


H [120] War Is Here


H [120] No One Left Behind & H [120] A Path of Blood


Mobilize the Zandalari fleet, warriors, and flyers.


It is time de Alliance see de full fury of de Zandalari. Dey are fools to try an attack in Nazmir.

We must tell de fleet, our warriors, and our flyers dat dey must move out and go to Nazmir at once.

I will go aid our forces at de Blood Gate. Here is a list of dose you must speak with to mobilize our forces.

Move as fast as you can, we must stop de Alliance as quickly as possible.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


The Zandalari and Horde are engaging the Alliance. We must move!


Speaking with Rez'okun
Zandalari fleet
The captain is speaking with two Horde Ambassadors at the Dazar'alor.
Got word there be plenty of Azerite out there, waitin' for us. All we gotta do is take it, and dat's up to you.
If ya get killed, I got dibs on your hat! Ha ha!
Gossip The Kul Tiran fleet is off the coast of Nazmir, get the fleet mobilized and attack them.
You are kidding me! I cannot get de entire fleet moved out like dis. De most I can do is order de ships dat are not dicked to cahnge course and head to Nazmir.
Gossip Make it so, get every ship you can to Nazmir's coast.
Speaking with Rakera
Zandalari army
Rakera and Zandalari Warriors are on the bridge on Kingsmouth River.
<Name>, good to see you. I am in de middle of training exercises, what do you need?
Gossip The Alliance are attacking us in Nazmir, we need your forces to move out and support Princess Talanji.
General Rakera says: Warriors of Zandalar! De Alliance is attacking us from Nazmir, move out and kill them all!
The army runs to the Zocalo.
Speaking with Raal
Raal, Ata the Winglord, and mounted Zandalari Warriors are at the House of Pa'ku.
<Name>! Good tos ee you. General Rakera has ordered that we do daily training of our troops to prepare for war.
Here, we have our finest riders on display.. We were about to begin our training exercises.
What do you need?
Gossip Alliance forces are attacking us in Nazmir. We need every one of your riders to fly out and stop them.
Hexlord Raal says: De Alliance thinks they can sneak through Nazmir to ambush us, let us show them just how wrong they are!
Raal mounts up and fly with the warriors to the north.

Click on Ata the Winglord for a quick transport to Talanji. At the gate, Talanji, Rakera, and Bladeguard Kaja are gathered. Next to them are Riding Raptors. Zandalari Warriors, and Horde Berserkers are fighting against the Alliance ground forces and Siege Tanks. The battlefield is littered with the bodies of the original blood troll enemies as well as of Zandalari Battlesaurs. The player has the Mysterious Fog debuff.


  1. H [120] War Is Here
  2. H [120] Ride of the Zandalari
  3. H [120] No One Left Behind & H [120] A Path of Blood
  4. H [120] Retaking the Outpost
  5. H [120] Putting the Gob in Gob Squad & H [120] Re-rebuilding the A.F.M.O.D. / H Rogue [120] Minesweeper
  6. H [120] It's Alive!
  7. H [120] The Battle of Zul'jan Ruins
  8. H [120] We Have Them Cornered
  9. H [120] Zandalari Justice, H [120] None Shall Escape & H [120] Breaking Mirrors
  10. H [120] Telaamon's Purge
  11. H [120] Parting Mists
  12. H [120] Fly Out to Meet Them
  13. H [120R] Battle of Dazar'alor
  14. H [120] The King's Death
  15. H [120] The Return of Derek Proudmoore

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