Rift Warden

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Not to be confused with Rift Warden (voidcaller).
AllianceRift Warden
Image of Rift Warden
Gender Both
Race Void elf (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 831 K
Mana 533 K
Reaction Alliance
Location Fathom's Edge, Telogrus Rift
Status Alive

Rift Wardens are void elves located throughout Telogrus Rift. They are skilled in Void magics, and have recently joined the Alliance along with the rest of their race. One is seen reading a book.


  • Curious.
Fathom's Edge
  • Unchecked void energies ravage the other islands. It remains too dangerous to navigate.
  • The Voidstorm is growing. It might even consume the big island entirely.
  • The last people who ventured beyond this space were consumed by the shadows.
  • The void energy released when the ethereals attacked left the other islands unstable. No one is allowed beyond this point.


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