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Rioting Zocalo Drudge

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HordeRioting Zocalo Drudge
Image of Rioting Zocalo Drudge
Gender Both
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 120
Health 43,361
Reaction Horde
Location Zocalo, Dazar'alor

Rioting Zocalo Drudges are Zandalari trolls located in the Zocalo in Dazar'alor.


  • Ability rogue kidneyshot.png  Petulant Shove — Shove a player back, inflicting 3 Physical damage.

Objective of


  • De White Widow said you would come. I will not be silenced!
  • De White Widow sends her regards!
  • For De White Widow!
  • Forgive me... she told me it was de only way to make things change.
  • I am sorry, I did not know what else to do.
  • I did not mean to cause so much trouble. I just got caught up in de madness!
  • I let de Widow's whispers persuade me. I am sorry.
  • I will not be made quiet! De White Widow gives me voice!
  • Please don't hurt me.
  • She promised us a choice! You will not take that from me!
  • Talanji's pet! White Widow take you!
  • What was I thinking? Thank you.

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