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The Risen are a faction of undead Scarlet Crusaders killed and raised into undeath by the demon Balnazzar.[1] They are said to be extremely powerful and that unlike the Scourge, Balnazzar will not hold them back.[2]



Former Scarlet Crusaders, they were brought back to life after the defeat of the Lich King by the dreadlord Balnazzar, who had been manipulating them in life as Saidan Dathrohan, Grand Crusader of the Scarlet Crusade.

Following the assault on Stratholme, the most important chief of the Crusade had been defeated and Balnazzar had been unmasked but not killed. With a lot of pleasure, he resurrected the elite members of the Crusade, the Crimson Legion, corrupting their senses or torturing their mind. Scarlet Crusade champions were killed and resurrected. Now mindless and eternally loyal[citation needed] to their dreadlord master, they sought to take the Plaguelands[citation needed] for the Burning Legion and Balnazzar.

In a true twist of irony, the Scarlet Crusade, formerly fierce haters of all undead and demonic entities, had themselves become undead slaves of the Legion.


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Under the orders of Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer, adventurers were sent to Stratholme to deal with the Risen's leadership and eventually the dreadlord himself.

Notable members

Name Role Condition Former indentity Location
IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Combat Balnazzar Leader of Risen Killable IconSmall Human Male.gif Combat Saidan Dathrohan (disguised) Stratholme
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Combat Instructor Galford Risen haunted by the combustion of this book Undead IconSmall Human Male.gifCombat Archivist Galford Stratholme
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Combat Risen Hammersmith Blacksmith of Risen Undead IconSmall Human Male.gifCombat Crimson Hammersmith Stratholme
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Combat Willey Hopebreaker Cannon Master Undead IconSmall Human Male.gifCombat Cannon Master Willey Stratholme
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Combat Commander Malor Commander of Risen Undead IconSmall Human Male.gifCombat Malor the Zealous Stratholme



In Stratholme, they are the target of:


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Note that during N [42] The Assassin in Tyr's Hand, it is said that what caused the Crusaders' descent into undeath is not certain, and at no point are they directly connected with the undead specifically called the Risen, and are in fact, still referred to as the Scarlet Crusaders. It is possible, though not certain, that the actions of Balnazzar were the source of their undeath. It is also possible that these two similar groups are connected only in their origins in the Scarlet Crusade and general fate.

Alternatively, Tyr's Hand crusaders could be members of the Risen and Eligor just didn't know about the cause during the invasion of Tyr's Hand, but it would become known later during the attack on Stratholme.

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