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Risen Archmage

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MobRisen Archmage
Image of Risen Archmage
Race Lich (Undead)
Level 81 Elite
Mana 163,240
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frostwing Halls, Icecrown Citadel
Main article: Valithria Dreamwalker

Risen Archmages appear during the fight to save Valithria Dreamwalker in the Icecrown Citadel.


  • Spell frost frostblast.png  Column of Frost — Marks the location under a random player target. After 2 seconds a column of frost erupts from this location, dealing 11310 to 12690 Frost damage to all enemies within 3 yards, knocking them into the air. Instant. 3 yd radius. 14138-15862 on Heroic.
  • Spell frost frostbolt02.png  Frostbolt Volley — Inflicts 8550 to 10450 Frost damage to nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for 4 sec. 1.5 sec cast. 200 yard radius. 10800-13200 on Heroic (8 sec cooldown) (This can be interrupted, as well as dispelled.)
  • Inv enchant voidsphere.png  Mana Void — Summons a Mana Void at a random enemies location. This Mana Void burns 800 mana per second to all enemies within a 6 yard radius. Lasts 30 seconds. Instant. 1000 mana on Heroic

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