Ritual of Doom

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Ritual of Doom
Warlock sacrificial pact.png
  • Ritual of Doom
  • Warlock ability
  • 40 yd range
  • 1 hour cooldown
  • 10 sec cast
  • Reagents: 1 soul shard
  • Begins a ritual that sacrifices a random participant's health to summon a doomguard. Requires the caster and 4 additional party members to complete the ritual.
Usable by



1 hour

Ritual of Doom is a Warlock spell that when cast, sacrifices a participating party member's life for the benefit of summoning a Doomguard. It requires the caster and four other party members to participate in the summoning. It is granted to all warlocks at level 37.

This summons a hostile Doomguard that soon becomes automatically subjugated as an additional guardian pet for the Warlock. Currently, the Doomguard lasts up to 15 minutes, but has a small chance to break free from the subjugation at any time and attack your group. This is close to the original way the spell was designed. Originally, the demon had to be enslaved or otherwise it would attack the party. It is related to the Doomguard that spawned from the proc of Curse of Doom, which needed to be enslaved and would break free from enslavement after a certain amount of time had elapsed. Ritual of Doom was later updated to require only a significant portion of the caster's health to summon. Then, the spell was removed from the game entirely and replaced with a "Summon: Doomguard" spell, which simply summoned the Doomguard for 5 minutes, after which it would simply despawn.

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