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Rixxa Fluxflame

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BossRixxa Fluxflame
Image of Rixxa Fluxflame
Title <Chief Scientist>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Venture Company
Occupation Chemist
Location The MOTHERLODE!!
Status Killable

Rixxa Fluxflame is a goblin located in the MOTHERLODE!!.

Adventure Guide

Overseeing the creation of the Venture Co's supply of Azerite Catalyst, Rixxa is a reknowned chemist and gleeful pyromaniac.



If you want a job done right... use bigger explosives!
Azerite Catalyst
Looking for Azerite? Have a face full!
Propellant Blast
I love the smell of propellant in the morning!
Safety first!
I shoulda... gotten... hazard pay...
Player Death
Inexperience will getcha killed!
Another unqualified applicant!


  • In an earlier beta build, the Adventure Guide mentioned "Agent Azerite" instead of "Azerite Catalyst".
  • Rixxa is voiced by Lucie Pohl.
  • It seems she may have been named Rixxa Fluxfume in early testing, as that name has a DungeonEncounterID attached.

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