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Image of Ro'shak
Title <The Molten Flare>
Race Quilen (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Location Grand Courtyard, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable


  • Molten Inferno - Ro'shak emits molten flame, inflicting 60,000 Fire damage to all players. This will relieve Ro'shak of 100 Molten Energy.
    • Molten Overload Important — When he reaches maximum molten energy, Ro'shak will overload and combust, casting Molten Inferno every 1 sec until he is degraded of molten energy.
      • Unleashed Flame - Ro'shak incinerates the largest cluster of enemies he can find, inflicting 600,000 Fire damage split evenly among targets within 8 yards. Discharging this flame will relieve Ro'shak of 300 Molten Energy. There must be at least 3 targets clustered in order to get Ro'shak's attention.
        • Scorched - Ro'shak's burning talons leave players Scorched, increasing Fire damage taken by 25% for 2 min.
      • Ignite Spear: Burning Cinders - Ro'shak spits molten lava at Iron Qon's spear, causing it to rupture the ground with magma which inflicts 100,000 Fire damage initially and then 50,000 Fire damage every 1 sec.

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