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Robert Kazinsky

Robert Kazinsky is an English actor best known for his television roles of Sean Slater in EastEnders and Casper Rose in Dream Team. Beginning with Lucasfilm's Red Tails in 2012, Kazinsky has portrayed supporting roles in feature length Hollywood productions, including Pacific Rim and Hot Pursuit. He portrays Orgrim Doomhammer in the Warcraft movie.

Kazinsky is a dedicated World of Warcraft player and was thus extremely enthusiastic about having a role in the film, especially as he considers Orgrim to be "the best character in the lore".[1] His first World of Warcraft character was a human warrior as he wanted to play "the hero", which he assumed would be the humans.[2] He continued playing warrior all the way through vanilla and The Burning Crusade,[1] but when he joined a top raiding guild he had to reroll to a different server and faction. He has played Horde ever since.[2] Since patch 3.1 he's played a death knight. He mained Blood DPS up until 3.2 but has played Frost since 3.3.[1] Kazinsky was formerly a very competitive raider, but due to his career he no longer has as much time to spend on the game. As a result, he's been an "LFR hero" since halfway through Cataclysm.[1]

He is a longtime regular reader of MMO-Champion,[2] Wowhead, and formerly Tankspot.[3] Grizzly Hills has always been one of his favorite areas in the game,[2] while Ulduar is one of his favorite raids.[3] He generally doesn't read quest text.[2] He cites his proudest moment in WoW as being when he finally assembled  [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] after running Molten Core solo every week for two years.[3]




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