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Rocs are a type of birds that can be found in various regions of Azeroth, including Sholazar Basin, Tanaris, Feralas, Mount Hyjal and the Broken Isles.

The rocs of the latter category differ vastly from those in the old world. Whereas the rocs of Kalimdor and Northrend mostly resemble eagles or carrion birds, the Broken Isle rocs are enormous, dread raven-like birds, created when harpies use their foul magics to corrupt the noble giant eagles of the Skyhorn tribe.[1][2]



Carrion birds
  • Combat  Greater Rocs are found in Feralas.
  • Combat IconSmall CarrionBird.gifIconSmall OutlandCarrionBird.gif Fire Rocs and Searing Rocs are found in Tanaris. They are capable of throwing fireballs and appear with fire around them. According to Driz Plunkbow, the fire rocs are extremely valuable due to their unique anatomy, and alchemists will pay expensively for their body parts (even though Driz may occasionally claim the rocs' innards to be dragon parts).[3]
Birds of prey
Broken Isles

As a hunter pet

Main articles: Bird of prey, carrion bird

Rocs can be either Birds of prey or carrion birds. To see which group the roc belongs to, check the model. If it uses the eagle model, it is a bird of prey. Otherwise, it's a carrion bird.

Note that the giant rocs of the Broken Isles are not tamable.


A two-headed roc in Hearthstone.


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