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Rocky Upheaval

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NeutralRocky Upheaval

83 (Requires 82)




+250 Therazane


2g 15s


N [83] Rock Bottom


N [83] Doomshrooms, N [83] Gone Soft, N [83] Familiar Intruders


Speak to Gorsik the Tumultuous upon the Crimson Expanse.


To the east, on the Crimson Expanse, you will find Gorsik. He embodies the more unstable and violent nature of our kind. He is neither friendly, nor trusting, but his word carries weight.

Proving yourself to Gorsik will go a long way towards proving yourself to the Stonemother.


You will receive: 2g 15s


You are Diamant's chosen.

So small.

So fragile.

Do you realize that your actions shall be the basis which your entire "Earthen Ring" is judged? You truly think you can stand for so many?

You are a fool. A confident fool. We shall see if you are a capable fool as well.


Head back to the temple, then due east to the Crimson Expanse, which is north of the Upper Silvermarsh. Gorsik is standing at the southern end of the area, near a ring of earth elementals.


  1. N [83] The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet
  2. N [83] Crumbling Defenses / N [83] On Even Ground / N [83] Core of Our Troubles
  3. N [83] Imposing Confrontation
  4. N [83] Rocky Relations
  5. N [83] Hatred Runs Deep / N [83] Unsolid Ground / N [83] Loose Stones
  6. N [83] Violent Gale
  7. N [83] Depth of the Depths
  8. N [83] A Rock Amongst Many
  9. N [83] Entrenched
  10. N [83] Intervention / N [83] Making Things Crystal Clear / N [83] Putting the Pieces Together
  11. N [83] Pebble (optional)
  12. N [83] Clingy
  13. N [83] So Big, So Round...
  14. N [83] Rock Bottom
  15. N [83] Steady Hand
  16. N [83] Don't. Stop. Moving.
  17. N [83] Hard Falls / N [83] Fragile Values
  18. N [83] Resonating Blow
  19. N [83] Rocky Upheaval
  20. Complete all of:
  21. N [83] Shaken and Stirred / N [83] Corruption Destruction / N [83] Wrath of the Fungalmancer
  22. N [83] At the Stonemother's Call
  23. N [83] Audience with the Stonemother
  24. N [83] Rallying the Earthen Ring
  25. N [83] Our Part of the Bargain
  26. N [83] The Stone March / N [83] Therazane's Mercy / N [83] The Twilight Flight
  27. N [83] Word In Stone
  28. N [83] Undying Twilight
  29. N [83] The Binding
  30. N [83] The Stone Throne

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