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Role Call

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Role Call

Role Call is a wood-panel scroll propped up against a stone tablet imbedded in the wall, located at [74.4, 83.4] in the central temple in the Inkgill Mere on the Kun-Lai Summit.

Interacting with the scroll is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Fish Tales].


Role Call

The jinyu operate in a strict caste society, clearly evidenced by this stone tablet engraved with names. Eggs are sorted early on based on the needs of the community.

Many jinyu are cast as workers, diligently put to work building dams or other structures. Others are selected to be craftsmen, and immediately undergo a rigid apprenticeship on hatching.

Only warriors and priests are given access to the most food and finest shelters, and only the most successful of priests can ascend to the role of elder or waterspeaker. It is a taboo for the jinyu castes to intermingle.

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