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Title General
Gender Male
Race Annihilan
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Occupation Overseer of the Legion conquest of Suramar
Status Deceased

Ronokon was an annihilan general of the Burning Legion who volunteered to oversee the conquest of Suramar during the War of the Ancients. The Wild God Ashamane faced Ronokon's army alone, ferociously thinning their ranks until the pit lord himself, enraged by Ashamane's intereference, was forced to step forth and personally deal with her.[1]

The Wild God and the annihilan dueled in the forests of Val'sharah for hours. Ronokon was a cunning fighter and knew how fast Ashamane could kill, so he kept his opponent at bay with his jagged, fel-wrought spear, content to inflict small, grazing wounds. After so much war, Ashamane's strength was beginning to fade, but her will was still unbroken. With the last of her strength, she leapt at Ronokon. The pit lord managed to drive his spear through her chest, but her claws dug into his shoulders and her fangs sank deep within his neck. The annihilan thrashed madly in an attempt to pull the Wild God away, but she held on and her teeth remained embedded in his throat until he died in a violent explosion that tore a deep gash in the land and burned Ashamane to ash.[1]

Through Ashamane's sacrifice, she had given Suramar's residents enough time to shield their city from the Legion and protect themselves from the Great Sundering that would follow. The site of the battle between Ronokon and Ashamane had been altered forever, and where there had once been a hill, now there was a cliff and a deep valley. It took many years for the druids to restore the area to its former beauty, but despite the lingering traces of Ronokon's corruption, there was always a sense that something was opposing it and helping to sweep it away. Some druids came to believe that Ashamane's spirit lingered in the area, still committed to defending her wilds from the invaders who had threatened it. The druids later built a shrine at the site of Ronokon's death to honor Ashamane's sacrifice, and upon which they placed her fangs — all that remained after her violent death.[1]