Room To Grow

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HordeRoom To Grow
Start Wingminder Goja
End Kua'fon
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Zuldazar
Experience 22,310
Reputation +150 Zandalari Empire
Rewards 46g 80s
Previous H [120] Back to the Nest
Next H [120] A Pterrible Fate


Tend to Kua'fon until he is ready to attempt another flight.


Ah, I would not worry too much about de little one.

Some beasts take longer than others to find their way, and Kua'fon is no exception.

For now, continue to help him grow. Keep him fed, keep him out of danger, and strengthen your bond. He will let you know when he is ready to try again.


You will receive:


<Kua'fon wriggles anxiously, leveling one golden eye upon you.>




  1. H [120] A Child of Pa'ku
  2. H [120] Your Problem Now
  3. H [120] SKREEEEE!
  4. H [120] Nature Versus Nurture
    Each day (approximately 7), do the daily quests:
  5. H [120] The Call of the Skies
  6. H [120] Fear of Falling
  7. H [120] Back to the Nest
  8. H [120] Room To Grow
    Each day (approximately 14), do the daily quests:
  9. H [120] A Pterrible Fate
  10. H [120] Surrogate Wings
  11. H [120] Ptrust Fall
  12. H [120] Maybe When You're Older
  13. H [120] Eyes on the Skies
    Each day (approximately 4-7), do the daily quests:
  14. H [120] Aerial Aspirations
  15. H [120] Wisdom of the Wingless
  16. H [120] Dress for the Slide, Not the Ride
  17. H [120] The Joy of Flight
  18. H [120] Down, But Not Out
  19. H [120] Just Ptrust Me On This

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