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Rosey Axlerod

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AllianceRosey Axlerod
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Gender Female
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 158,079
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) 7th Legion (presumed)
Location A Little Patience
Status Alive

Rosey Axlerod is a gnome found in A Little Patience scenario.


  • Rosey Axlerod says: 'Sweet child', pappy'd always call me. Well, what we're plannin' for these Horde vermin ain't so sweet!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Collect meat from the local wildlife or rations from the orcs. We're not picky eaters.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Come on, you lollygaggers! Let's pick up the pace!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Hey <name>, we'll work faster if we have plenty of metal to work with. The local Krasari Iron Ore will do fine.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: I documented some special schematics in my journal, but it's gone missin'. We'll just hafta make do.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: If pappy could see me now... runnin' my own crew in service to the king. He'd be gushin' with pride.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Keep an eye on us, <name>! We're builders, not fighters. We'll need your protection if any beasties come around!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Keep an eye out for oily serpents, <name>. They're easy enough to catch. Put their oil in the cauldron and we'll work even faster.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Keep us well supplied for the greatest production benefit.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Keep us well supplied, <name>. Don't let the effects expire or you'll have to start from scratch!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Oh, we know just the thing....
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Practice being as efficient as you can, <name>! One day, time might be a factor...
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Seems we're a little low on oil. Just keep your eyes peeled for snakes and we should be fine.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Snake Oil, Krasari Iron, Food... keep an eye out for anything that might benefit our crew!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Squad! Initiate Operation: Cackleberry!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: The crew's lookin' a touch low on fuel. There anything safe to eat in these parts?
  • Rosey Axlerod says: The lizard folk around here are likely to carry anything. Watch for 'em!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: This is as fast as I've ever seen this team work! Keep it up, <name>!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: We gnomes have a high metabolism, <name>. Make sure we don't run outta food!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: Woohoo! You've got us running at peak efficiency, <name>!
  • Rosey Axlerod says: You can often supply us with multiples of an item for extra effect. Just try to keep the benefits from wearing off.
  • Rosey Axlerod says: You're doing great, <name>! At this rate, our defenses will be complete in no time!

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