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The Ruby Shades are a piece of head slot clothing that provides no bonuses or armor. They have no level requirement, do not bind (unless they are enchanted and the enchantment binds them), and can be equipped by any class. Unfortunately, as of patch 3.0.8, they are no longer being vended, but can occasionally be found on the auction house.


This item was sold by Haris Pilton in Shattrath City in limited supply (1) for 2000g, later for 5c. She would restock the item throughout the day when she sold out.

A faction discount once existed, but Haris Pilton is no longer part of the Lower City faction, but this also means that she will now sell to anybody.

The existing Ruby Shades have not been removed from the game and occasionally turn up in the Auction House for a high amount of gold.


These goggles resemble the [Rose Colored Goggles] built by engineers.

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