Ruins of Shandaral

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An aerial view of the Ruins of Shandaral.

The Ruins of Shandaral is an abandoned kaldorei city in the center of the Unbound Thicket, between Sunreaver's Command and Windrunner's Overlook, in the eastern part of the Crystalsong Forest.


At the height of the night elf empire, the outpost of Shandaral was established around 10,000 BDP in the northern reaches of Kalimdor. This was to be a repository of arcane relics and artifacts that the Highborne collected. When the continent was shattered by the Great Sundering it had left this community in total isolation from their cousins that now live in what became the new Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. With no source of power they were left vulnerable to disease and other ailments, they sought the forest of Moonsong for centuries to find a means to sustain themselves.[1]

After witnessing blue dragons crystallize living things and draw power from them the elves tried to open communications with the dragonflight, this was met with either hostility or being completely ignored. Some elves decided they would just take the knowledge and infiltrated the Nexus, but they thieves became too greedy and set off alarms that put the dragons into a frenzy. Soon after dozens of blue dragons descended upon Shandaral and started destroying the outpost. Desperate to drive the dragons away, the elven sorcerers attempted to use the new techniques they just acquired on the dragons themselves. The dragons sensing what was happening escaped into the distance as the reckless Highborne blew themselves and the land apart, instantly crystallizing the forest and destroying all the living creatures' physical bodies there. The spirits of all the living creatures were left intact to wander the lands as mindless ghosts forever warped from the energies released in the year 6,000 BDP.[2]

Ruins of Shandaral Digsite

Crystalsong Forest digsites.jpg

The Ruins of Shandaral are a night elf archaeology dig site.