Rumble in the Lumber... Mill

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AllianceRumble in the Lumber... Mill

27 (Requires 25)




+350 Darnassus



Kill Warlord Roktrog and free Huntress Illiona by using  [Huntress Illiona's Cage Key].


Prepare yourself, <name>! The Warlord comes! Kill him and take his key. Use the key to release me.

Should we make it out of here, report the following to Lord Fallowmere at Windshear Hold:

The Horde has aborted their plans to destroy Windshear Hold due to the efforts of one of our heroes. They now plan to move the bomb to Battlescar Valley and drop it on our armies battling the Horde at that location.

They must be stopped!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots cloth 04.png [Thwarter's Boots] Inv axe 03.png [Windshear Axe]
Inv misc book 08.png [Strategy Guide]


A hero thwarted their plans to destroy Windshear Hold, eh? That hero was you, <name>. You are the pride of the Alliance!

It seems that you have bought us a little bit of time. I must plan for the battle that lies ahead of us. Seek out the other inhabitants of Windshear Hold and lend them your assistance. I will call for you when I am ready to initiate our defensive strategy.


Requires completion of a quest chain in Ashenvale from Stardust Spire before becoming available.

  1. A [25] To the Spire or A [25] Hero's Call: Stonetalon Mountains! (optional breadcrumb quests)
  2. A [25] They Took Our Gnomes / A [25] Ze Gnomecorder
  3. A [25] They Set Them Up The Bomb
  4. A [25] Do Yourself a Favor
  5. A [25] The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag
  6. A [25] Return to Stardust

Gnomecorder and Mine:

  1. A [26] Field Test: Gnomecorder
  2. A [26] Burn, Baby, Burn!
  3. A [26] Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!
  4. A [26] Don't Look Them in the Eyes

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