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Image of Rumpus
Title <Reagents & Poison Supplies>
Gender Male
Race Fel orc (Humanoid)
Level 66
Health 3,635
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dragonmaw Base Camp, Shadowmoon Valley

Rumpus is a level 68 poison and reagent vendor located at the Dragonmaw Base Camp in the contested territory of Shadowmoon Valley. Rumpus is friendly to players who have completed N [70] Blood Oath of the Netherwing.


Inv weapon shortblade 01.png [Simple Dagger]
1s 94c
Inv misc dust 02.png [Vanishing Powder]



Sometimes those damnable blood elves stop by and require some inane reagent or poison. I must keep my stock of such items full at all times lest Lord Illidan get word of the Dragonmaw not cooperating...

<Rumpus swallows hard.>

We don't want that...

Buy What do you have for sale, Rumpus?

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