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Rune of Lichbane

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Rune of Lichbane
Spell holy harmundeadaura.png
  • Rune of Lichbane
  • Death knight ability
  • 5 sec cast
  • Affixes your rune weapon with a rune that adds 2% extra weapon damage as Fire damage or 4% versus Undead targets. Modifying your rune weapon requires a Rune Forge in Ebon Hold.
Usable by



None/Global Cooldown

Other information

Requires One-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Maces, Polearms, One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, Staves, Fist Weapons, Miscellaneous, Daggers, Spears

Rune of Lichbane is a Death knight blood rune that can be made through [Runeforging].

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