Runes of Rending

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NeutralRunes of Rending
Start Karam Magespear
End Karam Magespear
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Artifact
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [110] Where it's Thinnest
Next N [110] One Step Behind


Bypass the wards in Felbreach Hollow and confront Raest Magespear.

  • Bypass the wards
  • Defeat Raest's minions


My brother and his cultists are engaged in some kind of ritual at the far end of the cave. I tried to intervene, but my brother has left magical wards to block the way.

If you can find a way past them, we may be able to stop him in time!


You will receive: 19g 40s


We must not hesitate!


We're too late, the rift has closed!

We'll have to find another way to get to him.



You have two choices here: you can either purposefully die and resurrect yourself past the runes, or attempt to solve the puzzle. If your choice is the latter, the key is to only step on arcane (light blue) runes.

Given how easy it is to misstep onto a void rune, as well as the tedious nature of the puzzle, most players on this quest elect to do a corpse run instead. (Remember to remove all equipment with durability on them beforehand.)

Wards bypassed
Karam Magespear says: The wards have abated! Let us cut through these vile cultists!
Confront Raest
Raest Magespear says: You are too late, foolish brother. The Twisting Nether awaits me, and with it, unlimited power! All of Azeroth will kneel upon my return!
Karam Magespear says: Stop this madness, brother! You can still be redeemed!
Raest Magespear says: Your tiny mind cannot comprehend the forces that will soon be at my command! Perhaps I should give you a taste...
Raest sacrifices the remaining Nethersworn Cultists and uses them to form Thar'kith.
Raest Magespear says: I hope you enjoy my creation, brother. It saddens me that it ends this way...
Raest leaves through the rift.
Thar'kith slain
Karam Magespear says: No! The rift is closing!
Karam rushes to it, but he's too late.


  1. N [110] Using Lost Knowledge or N [110] Greater Power For Greater Threats
  2. N [110] The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion
  3. N [110] The Council's Call
  4. N [110] Away From Prying Eyes
  5. N [110] In Dire Need
  6. Depending on Spec:
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: Dalaran Infiltration
    2. Aid of the Illidari / N Demon hunter [110] Vengeance: Seeking Kor'vas
    3. N [110] Gathering Information
    4. N [110] Confirming Suspicions
    5. N [110] Between Worlds
    6. N [110] Dark Omens
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: Val'sharah
    2. The Bradensbrook Investigation
    3. N [110] Aid on the Front Lines
    4. N [110] Shadowsong's Return
    5. N [110] Cutting off the Heads & N [110] Quieting the Spirits
    6. N [110] Source of the Corruption
    7. N [110] The Matter Resolved... For Now...
    • Elemental/Feral Combat/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. The Folly of Levia Laurence
    2. N [110] Bargaining with Shadows
    3. N [110] The Acolyte Imperiled
    4. N [110] Dabbling in the Demonic
    5. N [110] Following the Scent
    6. N [110] Unlikely Seduction
    7. N [110] Fel-Crossed Lovers
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: Azshara
    2. The Thieving Apprentice
    3. N [110] Professionally Good Looking
    4. N [110] Order of Incantations
    5. N [110] The Archmage Accosted
    6. N [110] A Portal Away
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: The Necromancer
    2. The Twisted Twin
    3. N [110] Message from the Shadows
    4. N [110] Secrets in the Underbelly
    5. N [110] The Wisdom of the Council
    6. N [110] Where it's Thinnest
    7. N [110] Runes of Rending
    8. N [110] One Step Behind
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: Highmountain / N [110] Legion Threat: The Missing Mage
    2. Rumblings Near Feltotem
    3. N [110] The Burning Birds
    4. N [110] The Tainted Marsh
    5. N [110] Village of the Corruptors
    6. N [110] The Feltotem Menace
    7. N [110] Destroying the Nest
    8. N [110] A Triumphant Report
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [110] Legion Threat: Suramar
    2. Fate of the Tideskorn
    3. N [110] The Reluctant Queen
    4. N [110] To Silence the Bonespeakers
    5. N [110] To Tame the Drekirjar
    6. N [110] The Forgotten Heir
    7. N [110] Unanswered Questions
    8. N [110] The Gates Are Closed
  7. N [110] A Gift From the Six
  8. Finales:
    1. N [110] The Imp Mother's Gift
    1. N [110] In Safer Hands
    2. N [110] Xylem's Gift
    1. N [110] Jarod's Gift
    1. N [110] Navarrogg's Gift
    1. N [110] Eyir's Forgiveness
    2. N [110] A Common Enemy
    3. N [110] The God-Queen's Gift
    1. N [110] Kruul's Gift
    1. N [110] Raest's Gift

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