Runic Mana Injector

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  • Runic Mana Injector
  • Use: Restores 4300 mana. Increased effect for engineers!
  • Requires Level 70
  • 1 Charge
  • Sell Price: 37s 50c

Runic Mana Injectors are Runic Mana Potions that have been converted to a more efficient form by use of a  [Mana Injector Kit].

Runic Mana Injectors provide identical benefits to Runic Mana Potions to non-engineers. Engineers currently gain 25% more mana from Injectors (IE 5250 to 5500 mana).


This item is created 20 at a time by using a  [Mana Injector Kit] to convert 20  [Runic Mana Potion].


  • Mana Injector Kits can be used by anyone. However, only engineers will see any benefit to turning the potions into injectors.
  • Since Runic Mana Potions now stack to 20, Runic Mana Injectors are no better than potions to non-engineers.

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