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Sources: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Rustberg Village is a fishing village and port located in the north of the Tol Barad Peninsula. Although of human construction, its current inhabitants belong to a number of races from both the Horde and the Alliance. Marcus Johnson of Baradin's Wardens and Commander Larmash of Hellscream's Reach refer to the residents as 'bandits' and 'wackos', and report that they have been picking off Alliance and Horde forces that stray too close to the village.[1] A number of horses remain at their stables, and house cats roam the area. Additionally, a number of Rustberg Bandits can be found in and around the village. Their actions are highly suspicious and they will attack anyone that dares enter the village walls.


The island of Tol Barad's location on sea lanes and lack of policing due to the collapse of many of the Alliance's states during the events of the Third War made it a very attractive location for pirates. The town of Rustberg, originally housing many of the nearby prison's staff, was abandoned when they were recalled to Stromgarde to deal with the catastrophes back home. The town was repurposed by a band of pirates into a base from which they would strike at the wealthy trade towns along the shores of the Baradin Bay. Over the years, some pirates had journeyed to Kalimdor and recruited or impressed various tauren into their crews, tauren who would later call Rustberg home just as their shipmates do.[2]


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