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Rustbolt Resistance

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NeutralRustbolt Resistance
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Usurped King Mechagon and reunited with Gnomeregan


The Rustbolt Resistance was a group of Mechagon mechagnomes led by Prince Erazmin who banded against the forces of Erazmin's father, King Mechagon, in order to not let their king accomplish his dream of "reversing" the Curse of Flesh.

They were ultimately successful, with Prince Erazmin usurping his father. Rather than crown himself king, however, Erazmin and the Mechagnomes aided with the saving of the life of Gelbin Mekkatorque, who had been mortally wounded during the Battle of Dazar'alor. Upon doing so, Erazmin requested that the Mechagnomes and Gnomes reunite as a singular people once more; crowning Gelbin as the King of Gnomes and successor to Mechagon, serving as his adviser.

In the aftermath, the banner of the Resistance was later displayed prominently in Mechagon City; replacing the former insignia of the Arcforged.

Faction description

The Rustbolt Resistance holds the line against King Mechagon and his evil plans.


  • The Rustbolt Resistance doesn't have an emissary.[1]
  • The faction was named Rustbolt Rebellion during early testing. The old name is still present in the name of the faction's emissary quest and achievement.

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