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AllianceRut'theran Village

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Southern base of Teldrassil


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Rut'theran Village as seen in World of Warcraft: The Comic

Rut'theran Village is an outpost port for the night elf city of Darnassus, located at the very bottom of the great tree Teldrassil. There is a portal here that goes directly into Darnassus, as well as three docks with regular boats going to the Exodar and Stormwind City. There is also a hippogryph roost that both go for free to Darkshore, and for druids, to Moonglade in northern Kalimdor. The Midsummer Fire Festival braziers are lit here.


Rut'theran Village originally had just one dock connected to Auberdine. During the Shattering, several parts of the village were destroyed, five residents lost their lives, and Auberdine was destroyed as well. Some of the services in Rut'theran Village were relocated to other parts of the now shattered island, and docks were added for the destinations previously reachable from Auberdine.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

Rut'theran's harbor lines the roots of the grand tree, and this humble but friendly village provides just a taste of the majestic locations held in Teldrassil's mighty branches. This is one of the primary breeding grounds of the hippogryphs, and eggs from all across Kalimdor arrive here for care. Inside Rut'theran is a shimmering portal that leads to Darnassus, far above.[1]


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Alliance Darnassus


Alliance Exodar 88c The Burning Crusade
Alliance Lor'danel, Darkshore (Free)
Alliance Darnassus (Free)


Alliance Exodar from western dock The Burning Crusade
Alliance Stormwind Harbor from southern dock

The boat on the eastern dock is permanently berthed and doesn't go anywhere. In the Cataclysm beta, this was where worgen characters disembarked after leaving Gilneas for the main world, but at some point it was changed to the western dock.


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