Rylak Rescue

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NeutralRylak Rescue

100 (Requires 100)


18,840 XP


30g 80s



Kill Razz Ricketroz at Darktide Roost.


I managed to squeeze even more information out of our little friend here.

The Darktide Matriarch is at the top of the hill.

One of their lead engineers is attempting to tame the matriarch with his technology. We must stop him, <name>.


The formerly captive Shadowmoon Stalkers howl.
Rexxar says: As promised I will set you free. But I think these wolves would like to talk with you before you go.
Rexxar throws the goblin among the wolves. A hungry Shadowmoon Stalker spawns and kills the goblin to eat him.
Rexxar runs over to Nisha's side and leaps aboard.
Rexxar says: Let's go, <name>. Our hunt continues.


You will receive:30g 80s


Clicking on Nisha will mount her.
Nisha drops off everyone near where Ricketroz has the Darktide Matriarch held. Rexxar wastes no time running up and attacking.
Razz Ricketroz yells: Whoa! Hold on! Now, just wait a second! We can talk this through!
Razz Ricketroz yells: Somebody help!!! I need back up!!
Controlled Rylaks start dropping off their Darkwing Riders.
Finish off Ricketroz. Rexxar runs over to the control panel running the equipment and destroys it with his axes, freeing the matriarch.
Rexxar says: Steady... steady. You are no longer in danger. I will not hurt you.
Rexxar jumps onto the matriarch, who rears once as he calms her down.
Rexxar says: Whoa! There you go... good girl.
Rexxar says: I will fly her to safety. Meet me at the islands east of here. Nisha will fly you there if you wish.
Rexxar turns the matriarch around and flies away.
Don't forget to loot Ricketroz before you leave.


We have accomplished great things on this island today, <name>. I look forward to the day we hunt again.


Rexxar says: We are truly kindred spirits, <name>. Until we meet again.



Some time afterwards, Rexxar will mail you the  [Pile of Blackfuse Shredder Scrap].

Useless Goblin Inventions

I thought these mechanical abominations might make for decent chew toys but the goblin stench lingers, and my beasts will have no part. I hope you can make better use of this scrap heap than I can.


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