S.A.F.E. Technician

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AllianceS.A.F.E. Technician
Image of S.A.F.E. Technician
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan, S.A.F.E.
Location Gnomeregan, Dun Morogh
Status Alive

S.A.F.E. Technician is a level 6 gnome who can be found in various areas of uninstanced Gnomeregan.

During the quest A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [2 - 60] Decontamination, the Sanitron 500 breaks down and one of the S.A.F.E. Technicians exlaims that "it was my pride and joy". Additionally, there is some flavor text about needing a new job.

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