SI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods

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AllianceSI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods
Lost in the Woods

86 (Requires 85)





Listen to Rell's report

  • Listen to Rell's report


<Rell coughs heavily before speaking.>

Please, <name>. You need to hear what we've been through.

The whole damned Alliance needs to hear what we've been through. There may not be much time left.


<Rell doesn't look too good. He should probably save his energy.>


...and that's <cough> how we found...

<Rell's speech devolves into heavy coughing. The corner of his mouth produces a trickle of blood.>


  • 110,000 XP


Downed plane

On accept, players find themselves in Rell's shoes, all the way over in the Fox Grove:

We had traveled north through the forest for several hours.
We stopped when we found a strange fallen tree.
Rell Nightwind says: What do you suppose happened to this tree, Sully?
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Somethin' hit it, sir. Wasn't cut down, didn't fall on its own.
Little Lu says: What's that, over there? Some kind of bird?
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Naw, that's a plane. Wait... A PLANE!?
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary yells: That's Amber an' Nimm's plane! They might be alive after all!
Sully runs towards the crash site of a gnomish bomber.
Little Lu says: Who are Amber and Nimm? Should we follow him?
Run after Sully.
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary yells: She's still breathin', sir! Get over here! Talk to 'er!

Speak with Amber:

The... the monkeys... they attacked...
I fought them off, but... they'll be back... with more...
Gossip You did well, Agent Kearnen. Now save your energy... we'll fend them off.
Rell Nightwind says: Listen up, men! Prepare for a hozen ambush!
Rell Nightwind says: Little Lu, keep Amber alive! Sully, try and keep this plane from exploding on us!
Rell Nightwind says: I'll hold them off as long as I can!
I readied my swords for battle. [Strong Attack], [Stronger Attack], [Strongest Attack].

Rell has three abilities:

  • Sure Strike Melee range — Strikees at an enemy, dealing Physical damage. Instant. Hits for 26-28000 Physical. (0.85 sec cooldown)
  • Masterful Strike Melee range — Deals a large amount of Physical damage. Instant. Hits for ~83000 Physical. (5 sec cooldown)
  • Twin Strike Melee range — Deals an incredible amount of Physical damage, knocking the target down. Instant. Hits for ~150000 Physical. Knockdown lasts for ~1 sec. (15 sec cooldown)

The only real tactic here is to use CDs as they come back up. Three elite Ambushing Hozen come out followed by General Rik-Rik, who has 1.5 million health.

Dispatch all of the enemies, then:

Rell Nightwind says: Sully, Little Lu, our plans have changed. We need to transport Amber back to the main camp.
Amber Kearnen says: That's not necessary. I'll be coming with you.
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Ye've gotta be kiddin' me! Yer nearly dead! Look at ye!
Amber Kearnen says: No, Sully. My injuries will heal. Right now, we need to find the White Pawn.
Little Lu says: What's the White Pawn? I thought we were talking about attacking the hozen.

When the event ends, speak to Rell again to continue.

On complete:

Amber Kearnen says: Rell, please... save your energy. Sully can tell <name> what happened next.

Rell Nightwind
  • <Rell's forehead is pale and beaded with sweat. He does not look good.>
  • <Rell does not look up to address you.>
<Judging by his state, you're not certain he even has the energy to move his head.>
  • <Rell continues to stare blankly at the mat. His breathing is shallow and labored.>
Jade Forest map
Start position @ 49.6,72.6
Amber and Nimm @ 49.9,70.8
Rell Nightwind @ 59.0,81.8


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