Sacred Waters

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AllianceSacred Waters
Waters of Restorative Body

86 (Requires 85)




9g 80s



Waters of Restorative Mind
Waters of Restorative Spirit
Waters of Restorative Heart

Collect healing waters from the four Sacred Bowls in the Den of Sorrow.

  • Waters of Restorative Body
  • Waters of Restorative Mind
  • Waters of Restorative Spirit
  • Waters of Restorative Heart


I appreciate you coming all this way to save me, but Ren is gravely injured.

The old pandaren had no reason to help me, yet he risked his life to save my own.

Before the fever set in, he mentioned that there are healing waters in the cave just down the hill.

It is dangerous, but I will do anything to help my friend. Will you help me retrieve the waters?


You will receive: 9g 80s


Perhaps I could bring some of these healing waters back to Stormwind with me.


The healing waters should abate Ren's fever for a short while, but alas, I fear it is no permanent cure.

Thank you, <class>. We have granted him a little more time, at least.


  • 111000 XP


Pick up A [86] Rest in Peace and A [86] An Ancient Legend before heading out. Anduin joins the player after accepting Sacred Waters.

Head down the hill and enter the cave. The first water is immediately inside. Take a right and head further in. The second water is directly in the path up the ramp, but the third is off to the right. Up the last ramp is the Shade of Ling Heartfist, a level 85 shade with 316,000 health. Kill it. See The Vale of Eternal Blossoms for more information about the fight. The scroll is hanging on the wall to the right of the entrance and the final pool is in the back of the room. Collect both, then exit the cave via the right side (a shortcut to the front).


After A [86] SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners:

  1. A [86] Seek Out the Lorewalker
  2. A [86] Borrowed Brew
  3. A [86] A Visit with Lorewalker Cho
  4. A [86] Potency & A [86] Body & A [86] Hue
  5. A [86] Finding Your Center
  6. A [86] Sacred Waters & A [86] Rest in Peace & A [86] An Ancient Legend
  7. A [86] Anduin's Decision

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