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NeutralSafe Keeping





110 (Requires 110)


Rare World Quest







Silgryn says: Citizens have taken up arms to defend safe houses throughout Suramar. Find innocents in peril and lead them to safety!


Silgryn says: If not for your actions, many innocents would have died in the streets. A small victory, perhaps, but an important one.



Desperate Refugees can be found at the mercy of Duskwatch Highblades and a few Duskwatch Moonscythes and Duskwatch Shrouds. You can attack Highblades/Moonscythes outright, or rescue the refugee which will automatically aggro the guard. Shrouds are detectors.

  • Confess! You are harboring traitors to Suramar!
  • Dissent is forbidden, by order of Grand Magistrix Elisande!
  • Those who oppose the Grand Magistrix will pay dearly!
  • We know where your family is. Speak, or they die too!

If you are not familiar with this quest, it would be best to locate a safe house first so you'll know where you're going with your refugees. Gathered refugees do not have a timer shown, but will disappear after about five minutes. Also, you can only have three with you at any one time.

Desperate Refugee
  • Hurry! We're not safe here!
  • I heard there were citizens holding safe houses...
  • Please, find me shelter!
  • There are demons everywhere...

There are four safe houses, but they are not marked on the map. If you have a refugee, it will show a small quest area outline (forming a circle) on the minimap. The closest ones will depend if you've done the Insurrection storyline or not. One nice detail is that inside each one is a pair of Rebel Guardians by the door; these will attack any aggroed guards in range, so you can drag mobs inside for them to help you.

If you have the portal to the Waning Crescent up:

If you have the portal to the Evermoon Commons up:

  • [51, 78] at Evermoon Commons, south side. The only grapple point within reach of the tower is on its roof. You should be able to see the corner fountain beside the door.

The farthest one either way is [47, 70] at Evermoon Commons, north side. Right in front of a canal, but it's so far away you should only use it if you can fly, or are near this area on another quest.

Desperate Refugee
  • I am safe... thank you.
  • Thank you, stranger.
  • This city has devolved to madness...
  • We... we were almost killed!

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